Jeep Weekend 2020 (Czech republic)

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Jeep Weekend 2020 (Czech republic)

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Sofern wir bis dahin überhaupt schon wieder Reisen dürfen gäbe es da ein freundliches Angebot des Jeep Club Tschechien:

We would like to invite jeep owners to our Jeep Weekend 2020 meeting. It takes place near the German border near Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic from 5.6.2020 to 7.6.2020.
The meeting is organized in a friendly spirit and Offroad Area, so there is the possibility of free rides in jeeps, competitions without jeeps (rifle shooting, field shoveling and scout knots). There are rewards for children, and a raffle, an offroad workshop and so on. Catering is also available.
We will be glad if you visit us and enjoy meeting with us. Camping is also possible on site. Price on the spot is 500CZK (approximately 20EUR) for one whole car.
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JCD - weil 4x4 nicht nur gleich 16 ist... ;)
Grüße vom V8 Gnadenhof


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